Premier League sides limp out of Europa League

A night of despair in the Channel 5 cup

A goal from Aleksandar Kolarov wasn’t enough to stop Man City following Liverpool out of the Europa League back door last night, as Roberto Mancini’s men crashed to [...]

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straight talking

Daniel Agger doesn’t believe in mincing his words

Daniel Agger is fast becoming one of The Spoiler’s favourite players. Not only does he have a massive Sistine Chapel-mocking Viking burial ground tattooed on his back (really) but he’s started to cut through the BS of the EPL with some straight talking.

About Liverpool under Roy Hodgson he said:

“Look at the team – [...]

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Massive difference

Rafa Benitez ditches the ‘facts’ for ‘statistics’

Rafa – The Spoiler quite likes you. But please STFU and leave things be! He’s now said:

“At first we were all happy at Inter. But injuries changed everything – the choice of players available and the internal dynamics of the squad.

“I want to show some statistics based on the injuries so I am [...]

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Deadline Day

Tottenham money splurge, and cheerio Torres!

Obviously taking a leaf from the magician’s handbook, Spurs have opted to use the distraction method to divert attention away from yesterday’s flaccid drubbing at the hands of Fulham. How? By spending money! Lots of it!   Or at least trying to.   Here’s what we know about deadline day transfers, thanks to all of [...]

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