Holloway is going to make lots of cash out of Adam sale

Is the mask slipping? Is there a mask? Hmm…


And Hmm… again. The plot thickens. Apparently there is a sell-on clause in the contract of players Ian Holloway buys for Blackpool, meaning the cheeky chappy stands to pocket a percentage of the profits when the player is sold [...]

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transfer talk

Both Chelsea and Arsenal set to finally get their men



As is befitting of their crime, Andy Gray and Richard Keys have reportedly been given the night off work to spend time looking long and hard into a mirror, continually reassessing their views on beautiful, strong, independent women. Women who HAVE JOBS. With a bit of luck, this soul [...]

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Tennis Talk

Liverpool are going to be fine… says Caroline Wozniacki

Wozniacki (pronounced: Woz-nee-acki)

Caroline Wozniacki

For those of you who draw the line at following women’s tennis, you’re missing out. These girls know how to play. There’s the Williams sisters, the leggy Russian one, the other leggy Russian one, the one who looks like a little boy, the one [...]

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Transfer Talk

Konchesky’s Liverpool nightmare to end, and more…

Famous bottom shoehorned into article about football


There is a genuine concern that celebrities who were initially only revered for having impressive bottoms are allowing it to go to their heads. There’s that Kardashian thing who seems to be famous just because she’s got LOTS of junk in her trunk. And now Jennifer Lopez - who [...]

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Hard Times

Joe Cole’s astonishing fall from grace gets even worse

At one time, he was basically England’s Ronaldinho, but this week little Joey Cole was named in the Liverpool side to face Man City in the LANCASHIRE SENIOR CUP – a competition chiefly made up of small children hoping to one day make it as professional footballers. Half of them haven’t even had a single [...]

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Transfer Talk

Nicklas Bendtner’s DAD doesn’t fancy West Ham

Anyone who has ever dabbled in the murky world of “business” will know all about the power of a good meal when it comes to getting tricky deals done.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to news that Liverpool honcho John Henry has been spotted taking Luis Suarez for a pizza. That’s that one in [...]

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Transfer Talk

Robin Van Persie linked with Real Madrid move…

A couple of bog standard lesbians


And lo, 19 years ago, Jonathan Ross held in his arms a little baby lesbian with the usual short hair and no make up. She has since grown up to be more the lipstick variety, with Ross outing her to the world on Gaydar Radio [...]

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Transfer News

Ryan Babel opens his mouth and football secrets fall out

Having already proved himself to be far too much of a blabbermouth to be trusted with a Twitter account, there could yet be a case made for Ryan Babel being gagged from doing interviews as well.

As noted by our pals at Pies, football’s most pro-active gossip was having a friendly chat with the Dutch [...]

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