Complicated Legal Stuff

Could Manchester Utd sign Carlos Tevez for free?

Argentinean could challenge third party ownership under EU law

Carlso Tevez

It takes Wengeresque brain power to fully understand the intricacies of the Carlos Tevez transfer situation, but here are the bare facts: the Argentinian’s registration is owned by a third party named Media Sports Investments (MSI), the founder [...]

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Transfer talk

Madrid secure loan to fund Cristiano Ronaldo transfer

Spanish press reinvigorates our favourite summer transfer saga

Cristiano Ronaldo

Since Alex Ferguson thwarted Cristiano Ronaldo’s plans to move to Spain last summer, the tricky winger has dropped plenty of hints that he will bid adieu to rainy Manchester in summer 2009 (see hints here,

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Talk Isn't Cheap

David Beckham charges €500k for interviews

He better have something bloody interesting to say

David Beckham AC Milan

David Beckham should start his first game for the Rossoneri later today, as they face Martin Jol’s Hamburg in a winter friendly.

Italian broadcaster RAI tv were hoping to catch up with the headline-grabbing star, [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Is AC Milan right for David Beckham?

Italians brace themselves for huge marketing opportunity

David Beckham to AC Milan

This morning, Major League Soccerballer David Beckham confirmed that he will be heading to Italy in the new year, as the club will provide the ideal environment for keeping his wife in boutiques maintaining [...]

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