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Video: Michael Ballack destroys a pigeon

German midfielder ruffles a few feathers

Michael Ballack may have been on top form in Saturday’s FA Cup game with Ipswich, but he may also have joined the ever-growing [...]

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Is this the biggest run of luck in Premier League history?

Aston Villa’s fortuitous streak continues against Sunderland

While The Spoiler are big Martin O’Neill fans and acknowledge that Aston Villa’s performance has been one of many factors that have made this season so exciting, it would be wrong not to highlight one of the most remarkable runs of luck in recent memory:

Everton 2-3 Aston Villa Villa [...]

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Attempted Murder

Lucas Neill obliterates a bird!

Australian demonstrates lack of tolerance…

Go anywhere on the planet, and you’ll see that animals are treated differently. In areas of the North Pole some of them are given jobs, and even in [...]

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Jamie Carragher nearly had Lucas Neill assaulted

Liverpool defender wanted revenge for broken leg

jamie carragher

Jamie Carragher clearly doesn’t understand the art of releasing a football autobiography. Wayne Rooney was 20 when he released his so at 30, Carragher has left it far too late. He should be on his third or fourth instalment [...]

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