The Spoiler’s Summer Awards – Part Two

Aurelio De Laurentiis and Gokhan Inler

The star turn of the summer, joined by his new glamour signing…

There’s adulation for a Serie A club’s president, criticism of Arsenal’s impatient fans and Lyon’s lack of transfer activity in the second part of our pre-season review…

Most Entertaining Off-field Personality – Aurelio De Laurentiis Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov made a late bid [...]

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Lyon’s new 2010/11 kit leaked – is it the worst shirt design ever?

Let’s hope OL’s emergency third kit isn’t needed next season


Fair enough, third kit designs are usually a little ‘experimental’, but Adidas’ stroke-inducing effort for Lyon – reportedly designed by a man having an acid trip on his nan’s living room carpet – has reset the bar.


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Video Highlights

Bayern stroll through Lyon on their way to Madrid

Lyon 0-3 Bayern Munich

For those of you far too busy watching Sophie Dahl pretentiously roasting a carrot, it was pretty much plain sailing for Bayern Munich in Lyon. So simple that they’d [...]

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video highlights

Bayern win, but things get even worse for Ribery

Bayern Munich 1-0 Lyon

For those of you who got carried away and sunbathed deep into the night, above are the highlights from last night’s Champions League match. Ribery had an absolute shocker, [...]

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Crystal Ball

Not long to go, make your Champions League predictions!

The Chaaaampionzzz… da da da dah!

Champions League 

The Spoiler readers have proved rather wonderful at predicting football tournament draws. Last time around, both the United head-to-head with AC Milan, and Chelsea’s with Inter were both called in advance. So, let’s try again!

Who would you like to see [...]

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Spanish Inquisition

Real Madrid in meltdown – here’s what they’re saying…

Pellegrini – oops


If you happened to be passing through Merseyside last night, you might have just made out the yelping sounds of a middle-aged Spanish man jumping up and down on his sofa. That would have been Rafa Benitez, feeling rather relieved that his side wasn’t the only [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: New strikers for Arsenal and Birmingham

Say “bonjour”, Arsenal fans…

Loic Remy

With the football grapevine all aflutter with talk of dodgy sexual goings-on, and promises of shocking weekend revelations, The Spoiler‘s eyes and ears are refusing to shift from the transfer window – a past time that has come to resemble one of [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: City and United both fancy Buffon, and more…

“Hmmm, City or United?”


Contrary to opinion, The Spoiler is not bulletproof. Feelings can be hurt, criticism can cut deep, and evenings can be spent weeping into a pillow – hungry, alone, and a bit thirsty. One such night happened last night, when this comment (from someone called “R”) [...]

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