Balotelli News

Mario Balotelli follows up curry with tidy goal against Chelsea

Remember, remember...

Demotix 5th November 2011

The Spoiler’s forced hiatus over the past few months has been extremely difficult for everyone at Spoiler Towers.

The tea boy has been inconsolable without the cheery whistle of the kettle to keep his spirits up, the cleaner has been bereft of cheesestring wrappers to toss gaily into a bin, while the work experience kid [...]

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Excellent finish

Joleon Lescott scores one of our favourite goals of the season

It’s three minutes in…

The Spoiler was very nearly falling asleep last night during a Match of the Day that seemed to start at early o’clock and go on until well past bedtime o’clock.

However, there was one moment during Man City’s comfortable 2-0 win over Bolton that stirred us from our trance and [...]

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A City United

Well Done on being good at football, Manchester!



There has been so much YouTube-based nonsense doing the rounds today that The Spoiler hasn’t even had time to congratulate Manchester United and Manchester City on their success this past weekend…

Well done!

For some reason, there seems to be a distinct lack of excitement around their fantastic [...]

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Betting news

Make loads of money with a bet on the FA Cup Final!

Any excuse…


The most exciting event of the year is just hours away and The Spoiler can barely contain its excitement.

Surely – SURELY! – this is the year we’ll be able to put the Great back into Britain with a win the Eurovision Song Contest? We’ve got Blue [...]

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A poll!

Do you care there are other games on FA Cup final day?

Pulis – gutted


Despite our assertion that FA Cup finals are a bit ‘meh’ in terms of on-pitch action, we still absolutely love all the build-up – watching clips of Ronnie Radford on a marvellously muddy pitch, the teammates bit when the captains tell us how all the lads [...]

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Loveable rogue news

The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli gets in more trouble – excellent!

Mazza gets the caption treatment


The Spoiler’s first love was pretty mean to us. She kicked us really hard right in the knackers once and ended up kissing our best friend at a 10th birthday party in a swimming pool – flagrantly ignoring the ‘no petting’ sign while she [...]

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Transfer Talk

Konchesky’s Liverpool nightmare to end, and more…

Famous bottom shoehorned into article about football


There is a genuine concern that celebrities who were initially only revered for having impressive bottoms are allowing it to go to their heads. There’s that Kardashian thing who seems to be famous just because she’s got LOTS of junk in her trunk. And now Jennifer Lopez - who [...]

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