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Have Man United swooped in for Charlie Adam?

Ian Holloway may yet tear out any remaining hair with news that Man United are unzipping their big red pantaloons and readying to urinate all over King Kenny’s chips with a bid for Charlie Adam. Fergie rates him highly so they say.Who fancies first dibs on Michael Carrick? 

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Friday Quiz

A new game for Man United fans – “Rafael or Fabio?”

Rafael, and Fabio. Or the other way round. No one knows

Da Silvas

Depending on where you stand on the issue, identical twins are either brilliant, sexy, or completely terrifying. The Spoiler has never quite grasped them being ”sexy”. Yes, two same-looking beautiful sisters might be nice to look at individually, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man United Barcelona switcheroo, and other transfers

Lisa Snowdon and some colleagues

Lisa Snowdon

It’s a grim truth that for a relationship to survive, you need to overcome a series of obstacles and tests cynically thrown in your way by cruel life. One of which is no doubt occupying the mind of Cardiff City man Jay Bothroyd [...]

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A list!

The Spoiler’s BEST and WORST January signings

£8million, Graeme! £8million!

Boumsong and Souness

Feeling a little bit fed up because the January transfer window is so far as fun as a child-swap episode of Eastenders? Aww, don’t worry, man, things will hot up. In the meantime, after the jump, you can relive some of January’s [...]

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Transfer Talk

Wayne Bridge forced to resume football classes, and more…

Rihanna – inappropriate


Clearly still reeling from being totally out-slutted by Aguilera on the X Factor, beautiful pop thing Rihanna upped the raunch stakes – according to today’s Sun newspaper – by teasing a street photographer to a presumed semi-erection by revealing her New Year’s Resolution: “sex”.

In less sweaty news, here’s what [...]

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