A big old list

A load of things and people that defined 2010

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, one and all. May 2011 be met with a bunch of pointless resolutions that’ll go flying out of the window within a week!

To celebrate, after the jump, you’ll find a rather higgledy-piggledy summation of the year just gone, consisting [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man United eye up Ashley Young, and other transfers…

Big night tonight. All over the country, shirts will be ironed, hair gelled and fashioned into a hot collection of clumps pointing in various different directions, and half of the planet will fall foul of drinking shots far too early. The rest of us will, of course, be sipping port and half-enjoying whichever former Comic [...]

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The Big Question

Come on then, who is going to win the Premier League?

Much is often made of whoever is top of the table at Christmas going on to win the thing, but anyone who has actually taken time to check the stats will well know that it doesn’t always guarantee success.

Nani thinks it’s a two-horse race between Man United and Chelsea, Wenger begs to differ, and [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Man City transfer wish list, and a new face for 2011!

Lucky Man City – yesterday it was confirmed that, in Mario Balotelli, they have the second greatest player on the planet. Confirmation came from Balotelli himself. How kind of him to share the good news.

Here’s what else we have been taught about football this morning, thanks to all of the daily papers, from the [...]

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Transfer Talk

Chelsea fancy Modric, everyone fancies a Christmas Carroll…

On a side note, word has it that Pavlyuchenko still hasn’t quite got to grips with the intricacies of the English language and might yet be ushered off to have lessons from Peter Beardsley. We made the last bit up.

Anyway, yes, here’s more transfer news courtesy of all the best and worst papers…

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Carlos Tevez linked with a move to…


Yes, in the most preposterous transfer rumour of the weekend, the throbbing craniums at the Mail on Sunday decreed that somewhere in the north, a Carlos Tevez nose thumbing sign was being fashioned in red to read:

“Actually, welcome to Manchester!”

Not going to happen.

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