Gardening Leave

Lucky Phil Brown granted permission to grow flowers…

Grab a trowel, Phil!

Phil Brown

As considerate human beings, people like to describe bad turns-of-events in nice, uplifting ways. Hence why doctors don’t stand in front of the bereaved, going on and on about how their loved one “is dead now”, or how they “just died screaming, with [...]

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Quote of the Day

Mick Harford praised for double relegation with Luton

Released manager made the club “stronger”

Mick Harford

Mick Harford terrified defences when he played for Luton in the eighties and nineties, but he will no longer be terrifying anyone at Kenilworth Road, as he was released of managerial duties this morning. Club managing director Gary Sweet offered the [...]

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Learned Man

Arsene Wenger gained knowledge of tactics and team selection in a pub

The Professor gained his footballing nous from an unlikely source

Arsene Wenger

Until now, we could only speculate on how Arsene Wenger cultivated his gigantic brain: some thought he was brought up by wizards, some suspected he worshiped at the feet of Kevin from Eggheads, while others believed he [...]

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Money Matter$

Who is the highest paid manager in the world?

It’s FC Bunyodkor’s Gene Hackman look-alike Luiz Felipe Scolari!

Luiz Felipe Scolari

Since arriving in Italy, Jose Mourinho’s €11m salary has cemented his status as the best paid manager in the world. This morning, however, it has been revealed that The Special One’s huge remuneration package has been eclipsed [...]

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