Mystic Mancini dusts his magic 8 ball off for the Euro 2012 semis

Man City boss has joyous news for the people of Italy and Portugal


Roberto Mancini was easily the most entertaining man in the Premier League over the final two months of the season (yes, even flying clear of Mario Balotelli) as he brought out a box of mind games that this country had never seen before.

Little did we ignorant Brits know that in addition to the tried-and-tested [...]

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Serie A braces itself for PSG’s latest divisional cherry pick

World’s best defender and a Whiteboard favourite are off to Paris


Football has its own versions of the famous question that sounds somewhat like an alibi-seeker: where were you when JFK died?

Popular examples include where were you when England won the World Cup (most used answer: not born), where were you on that night in Barcelona/Istanbul/Luanda and where were you when Manchester City [...]

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What would you do – if you were Bayern boo boy Arjen Robben?

Silence the haters? Avenge that final loss? Or find a new home?


Arjen Robben’s future appeared to have been resolved in early May when he scribbled his name down on a two-year contract extension, then the Champions League final happened.

His one meeting with the Bayern Munich fans since was in the sort of exhibition match usually reserved for FIFA gamers, in which Holland met Bayern and [...]

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Miming Manchester City boss provokes outrage at Wigan

Would never have happened in the days of Chapman, Paisley, etc...


You can usually rely on any Spoiler opinion piece to be greeted with accusations of bias. What is rarer is to read an admission of guilt right off the bat, so let’s mix things up by admitting right here, right now that Roberto Mancini is probably my favourite Premier League boss.

Wow, so this is [...]

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Tevez in ‘being involved in interesting transfer saga’ shock

Still got some power - has Berlusconi scuppered the Tevez deal?


While everyone in England is bored to tears of Carlos Tevez, the transfer saga that he is currently tangled up in over in Italy is genuinely riveting, and produced a doozy of a twist on Thursday.

It finally, finally looked like AC Milan had sussed a way to deck him in red and white that [...]

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Dog breath? Try a refreshing Manchester United mint

Are sweeties United's latest revenue stream?


Photographic evidence has reached the Spoiler that United are leaving no commercial opportunity unturned in their quest for global mega-brandisation, or whatever the Nathan Barleys call “success” nowadays. The latest industry that should be trembling in its loafers is the sugared snack “biz”, as United have  produced this ingenious little chap.

Quite what it does [...]

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Don’t rush home – first half hour of Man City game won’t be great

Make money on Tuesday night by betting on a goalless first 30 mins


According to our calendar, squeaky bum time is still two or three months away, but Manchester City are already starting to fidget rather awkwardly.

Having scored three or more goals in 12 of their 17 league games before Christmas, there has been no stuffing in sight since.

Indeed, West Brom and Sunderland were as undaunted [...]

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Anyone know who subtle Paul Scholes was talking about?

Reserved former star wades into debate about England failure

Paul Scholes

The Spoiler has previously challenged the widely-held view that Paul Scholes’ career-long shyness in the media was an indication that he was the ultimate professional, instead arguing that it could be because he has a tendency to talk [...]

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