Darling, you've got to let me know...

As of a little while ago Carlos Tevez wants to leave Man City



Remember last summer? It was all set to be a bloody brilliant couple of months – England had a great manager and a good team and all was looking good in the world. So it was a rather large disappointment when England were absolutely w*nk at the World [...]

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The Manchester All-Star team to take on the world!

Blue + Red = Purple, right?


Hey! Manchester is a vibrant modern city – there’s something for everyone! There’s over five Greggs bakeries! There’s a cinema! There’s even a big shopping centre with Topshop AND Zara!

However, there is one problem with this thriving metropolis – there isn’t a [...]

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Big money

Barcelona are the highest paying sports team in the world

£1,023,000-a-week worth of talent


Here’s a list of the highest paying sports teams IN THE WORLD and the average weekly amount they pay to their players. The Spoiler always assumed that Baseball/basketball teams would spank little ol’ European football, but apparently not…

1. Barcelona (football) £93,000 2. Real Madrid [...]

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caped crusader

The AMAZING Mario Balotelli helps kid who is being bullied

Please don’t ever leave…


God, The Spoiler loves Mario Balotelli. In under a season in English football we already have enough to come up with a list of about 20 ridiculous things he’s done, from the good (giving cash to a homeless guy) to the bad (throwing darts at [...]

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Nice footballer No.1

The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli has a great big heart of gold

Great hat…


The Spoiler has always loved a Roald Dahl book (except The Witches which we are still yet to finish as it absolutely terrifies us), but the one that’s always been our favourite is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Mainly because Willy Wonka appears to have it all [...]

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Life is Wild

Mancini has a word with The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli

Cool Under Heat

balotelli.jpg Showing he has a firmer grasp of the English language than Fabio ‘100 words’ Capello, fellow Italian Roberto Mancini has told our favouritest player ever, Mario Balotelli, to sort himself out.

Taking his inspiration from The Clash’s rubbish final album ‘Cut the Crap’ (‘This is England’ [...]

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Internal inquiry at Man City after Mario Balotelli is caught throwing darts from window

Quite literally NEVER out of trouble


Manchester City coaching staff are set to have a sit-down chat about Mario Balotelli‘s growing indiscipline this morning after the striker was caught hanging out of a first-floor window lobbing darts in the direction of youth team players because he was ‘bored’, according [...]

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