Bold claims

Man City’s Yaya Toure sets himself up for a massive fall

Y.Toure with a cigarette photoshopped out


There are moments in life when the sheer absurdity of it all just smacks you in the mush – Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister! ROBBIE BACK IN TAKE THAT! A DYSON AIRBLADE!

The Spoiler had one of those moments this morning [...]

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Photoshop tomfoolery

Aris bugger up Man City programme with wrong photo

Stephen Ireland? Don’t be ridiculous…


That moment you realise you’ve done something irretrievably wrong is one of the most gut-wrenching, bottom-tightening moments imaginable. The Spoiler made a mistake once when we finished a sentence with a preposition. Thankfully it’s the only mistake we’ve ever made, but it was bloody [...]

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wildean wit

Lovely banter between United and City gets out of hand

Retro Elizabeth Taylor banter


There haven’t been many things inflicted on the human race worse than the word BANTER.

It can be heard everywhere from rugby clubs (where it’s generally accompanied by a prop sticking his c*ck in your pint) to the Houses of Parliament (where it’s generally accompanied [...]

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Dear Manchester City, please sign me. Love Edin Dzeko x

Bosnian forward has one destination in mind this winter


Edin Dzeko, the coveted Wolfsburg striker who you’ve no doubt been told – at length – is awesome by someone who has never seen him play, has written a letter to Manchester City asking nicely if they’d give him a [...]

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Manchester City reject Carlos Tevez’s transfer request

Homesick striker told to ride out his contract


Manchester City have rebuffed a written transfer request from Carlos Tevez, voicing their ‘disappointment’ with his infamous agent Kia Joorabchian

It’s believed the 26-year-old striker, who’s made no secret of his homesickness, wants out of England in order to be closer [...]

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