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Fergie wants Milner, Scholes staying, and no Tevez regrets

Tevez and the ghost of Sir Alex Ferguson

Tevez and Ferguson

If you happen to be in Manchester today, you might sense something in the air. Your paranoid mind tells you that it might be that volcanic dust that everyone’s on about, but it isn’t. It’s tension, friend. [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Who’s going to win the Manchester Derby?

Could be Tevez’s night…

Tevez billboard 

Tonight will see just how far the Manchester pendulum has swung, with Man City playing host to Man United in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final. As yet, Mother Nature hasn’t buggered this one up, so it should be a cracker.


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Mad Men

The Spoiler’s “Crossing the Divide” XI

Heading off to Man United?

Micah Richards 

In a move now commonly known as “The Reverse Carlos Tevez”, it looks like Micah Richards might yet navigate himself across the Manchester divide during the January transfer window. With that in mind, here’s a team of maniacs who risked everything to play for a rival [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Did Ronaldo deserve to be sent off yesterday?

Likely Ballon D’or winner makes huge error of judgement

One of the biggest talking points of the Manchester derby was Cristiano Ronaldo’s sending off. In The Spoiler’s opinion, he should have received his marching orders for the [...]

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