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Rio Ferdinand gets arsey with Mirror journalist over old stuff

Fair point… 

riowayneashley.jpg There’s nothing like watching two brilliant minds disagreeing on an important matter and debating the intricacies in an intelligent and lucid way – it makes you jealous and inspired at exactly the same time. It’s great.

Occasionally though, it’s just as good to watch two White [...]

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Here’s a photo of Wayne Rooney’s luscious locks!


waynehair.jpg The Spoiler can’t help but admire Wayne Rooney’s gumption about getting a hair transplant – he wants hair and he don’t care who knows, sister.

Above is a photo he Tweeted only seconds ago. He had this to say about the whole thing:

“Hi all there’s my [...]

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day tripper

Wembley looks very pretty ahead of the Champions League final



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a very special article. For one week only The Spoiler is coming to you ON A SATURDAY!

That’s right, while the rest of you are sitting about eating bacon sandwiches and making your plans for tonight’s Champions League final, The Spoiler is working [...]

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prediction news

Gary Lineker finally says something interesting!

Gary Lineker – Intellectual 


Having spent the last decade on the Match of the Day sofa doing everything in his power not to say anything that could construed as ‘interesting’ or ‘informed’, Gary Lineker has finally come out and said something that has made us sit up and [...]

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The Manchester All-Star team to take on the world!

Blue + Red = Purple, right?


Hey! Manchester is a vibrant modern city – there’s something for everyone! There’s over five Greggs bakeries! There’s a cinema! There’s even a big shopping centre with Topshop AND Zara!

However, there is one problem with this thriving metropolis – there isn’t a [...]

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Big money

Barcelona are the highest paying sports team in the world

£1,023,000-a-week worth of talent


Here’s a list of the highest paying sports teams IN THE WORLD and the average weekly amount they pay to their players. The Spoiler always assumed that Baseball/basketball teams would spank little ol’ European football, but apparently not…

1. Barcelona (football) £93,000 2. Real Madrid [...]

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