young people are officially thick

Now Wayne Rooney’s to blame for Broken Britain…

“Act naturally, act naturally…”


The Spoiler has never been one to disrespect the fine men and women of the British Police and we’d certainly never have a go at someone’s blog – mainly because we know how much it hurts when people have a go at us *sniff*.

HOWEVER! [...]

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Spanish stuff

Consigue 40€ en apuestas gratis, con Ladbrokes

El Arsenal ha empatado tres de sus últimos cuatro encuentros


Ladbrokes te ofrece cada día las mejores cuotas del mercado para apostar en las ligas y las competiciones más importantes del mundo a través de.

El próximo fin de semana se reanuda la Premier League después del parón [...]

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Something we never thought we

Bloody Hell! Sir Alex Ferguson gets five match ban!

Glasses? Check. Mobile? Check. SCREW YOU FA!


As you read this, Sir Alex Ferguson is probably sitting in his office quietly taking the news that he’s been given a FIVE MATCH TOUCHLINE BAN very well. He’s probably sitting there thinking about what he said and vowing never to speak [...]

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He Bangs the drums

The past was his, the future’s his, you’re all out of time…

Photoshop wizardry…


What do you get the man who has everything? That’s the question that will have plagued the Manchester United boys when deciding what to get Ryan Giggs to commemorate his 20-years of service at Old Trafford.

In the end – according to the Daily Star – they [...]

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debauchery news

Chris Smalling is just like a young Rio Ferdinand… Sort of

Chris Smalling – b@stard

smallingferdy.jpg The Spoiler has recently been getting all nostalgic for the golden days of Rio Ferdinand. Braids! A missed drugs test! An Ayia Napa sex tape! Those were the days…

It’s all a bit boring now, what with his Twitterings and online magazine and snazzy [...]

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