Dog breath? Try a refreshing Manchester United mint

Are sweeties United's latest revenue stream?


Photographic evidence has reached the Spoiler that United are leaving no commercial opportunity unturned in their quest for global mega-brandisation, or whatever the Nathan Barleys call “success” nowadays. The latest industry that should be trembling in its loafers is the sugared snack “biz”, as United have  produced this ingenious little chap.

Quite what it does [...]

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Troubled Keeper

The year of the Foster hasn’t quite gone to plan

This was meant to be the season where Ben Foster established himself as Man United and England number one. The way things are going he won’t even be at Old Trafford for much longer… Ben Foster gets schooled by Carlos Tevez

Last March, [...]

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Official Controversy

Will Alex Ferguson be kicked out of football?

Union chief calls for over-the-top punishment

Alex Ferguson speaks clamly with Alan Wiley

In March 2008, Alex Ferguson was quoted as saying “the haranguing of referees is ridiculous,” a comment that sat well with the FA’s Respect campaign. The Manchester Utd manager seemed to [...]

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Autobiography Revelation

Alex Ferguson forced Dwight Yorke to turn to drinking

Manchester Utd striker failed to cope with being blacklisted

Dwight Yorke and Alex Ferguson

Thanks to three Premier League titles, an FA Cup and a Champions League, Dwight Yorke undoubtedly enjoyed the best days of his career at Manchester Utd. The Trinidad and Tobago striker, however, [...]

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