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Cristiano Ronaldo is still a fan of Manchester Utd

Real Madrid star still looks out for previous employer

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite creating the impression that he couldn’t wait to get away from smelly rainy Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he stilllooks out for the results of his old team now he is based in equally-smelly-but-less-rainy Madrid. The [...]

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Place Your Bets, please

The Premier League spread betting preview

Some expert advice for the weekend’s activities from Sporting Index

Stoke/ Manchester Utd

In case you hadn’t noticed, all the cool kids are making their ritual viewing of Soccer Saturday a little more interesting with the help of spread betting. Our friends at

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Questionable Investment

Who paid £6,700 for Alex Ferguson’s office chair?

It’s extraordinarily dull X Factor winner Shane Ward!

Shane Ward

Reality TV series winner Shane Ward reminded us he was alive last week with news of his latest charity auction purchase:

“It was between me and another guy. Sir Alex was going wild and said the chair would go [...]

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Money Matter$

Gary Neville believes Premiership players deserve their ridiculous wages

Manchester Utd star justifies professional footballers’ inflated remuneration packages

Gary Neville

Those who watched last week’s episode of Mock The Week may have noticed David Mitchell’s angry diatribe on the concept of a society that gives footballers hugely disproportionate salaries for doing a job that essentially “doesn’t matter”. It’s [...]

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