Clever ideas

6 suggestions on how to keep hold of Tevez

Welcome to the M66!

Tevez road sign 

The word on the street is that Mancini is due to have a sit down with Tevez in a bid to make him stay, but the wise man will tell you that actions often speak far louder than words. With that [...]

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What’s happened to Tevez?

He used to be so sweet

West Ham and even Man United fans will remember Carlos Tevez as a cheerful young terrier, who would do just about anything for [...]

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Man City XI

Is this Roberto Mancini’s dream Man City XI?

Hmmm, not bad, not bad…

Man City

In one of the more long-winded transfer sagas of recent memory, James Milner has finally made his way to Man City for a preposterous amount of money for a young chap described by some as “a poor man’s Owen Hargreaves”.

Might Mancini’s [...]

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The Big Question

Who will win the big Spurs vs Man City clash?

Clash of the Titans… in a way

Redknapp and Mancini 

Finally, the boring waiting room interlude between the end of the World Cup and the beginning of the new Premier League season is over. Well done – you made it.

Now to the important business of actual football matches. [...]

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Great news, Man City – Robinho’s coming home!

Welcome back, Robinho!


If you happened to be in Manchester during late January, there’s a good chance that you heard the sound of muffled screams soundclashing with an almighty groan, and a loud cheer.

Don’t worry – it was just the mixed opinions about Robinho being perfectly encapsulated by noise.

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Transfer Talk

If Tevez doesn’t like it he can sod off, suggests Mancini

“Door’s that way, love”

Mancini and Tevez 

In political terms, the world of football closest in type to classic socialism. Everyone wears the same outfit, united in the one common goal, and no man is bigger than the club. Of course, you can then throw in the varying [...]

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News in brief

United want Bale, City want Torres, and more…

Imagine this, but with Bale in red

Bale Man United

There is no more frustrating experience than being a football writer with newly acquired knowledge of a magnificently juicy rumour, but not being able to share it because of things like the law, moral codes, and horrible [...]

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Weekend Update

Real’s new managerial shortlist, Cesc to Man City…

Plus, these guys look to be sodding off

Hicks and Gillett

And so the sun decided to come out for the weekend, giving rise to a wholly unnecessary carnival atmosphere. Even the most microscopic areas of roadside grass were awash with men and women gently folding salami [...]

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