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The Spoiler’s Greatest Ever Barcelona XI

Yep, pretty tidy

Greatest Barcelona XI

Last night Barcelona looked like one of the truly great football teams, which got The Spoiler to thinking: how many of them would make it into an all-time Barcelona XI?

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Wise Guys

Diego Maradona’s entourage – true identities revealed!

Just ignore Ray Liotta…

Maradona Goodfellas

Some of you might have noticed that Diego Maradona never goes anywhere without a couple of nice gentleman who look like they run a casino when they’re not attempting to scare other teams into losing football matches.

One of them in particular – [...]

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Having it off

Too much sex could spoil Argentina, suggests Brazilian

Tevez – shagged out?

Carlos Tevez

The consensus seems to be that a sportsman should ideally compete at the very height of sexual frustration – otherwise, think about it, they’d all just be lolling around the pitch, probably smoking a fag, the afterglow of a decent session [...]

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