Excellent List

10 footballers with rather surprising speaking voices

Including the haunting sounds of one of these men

Martin Keown

It’s easy to be thrown by the way a human being talks – after all, someone’s physical appearance or general demeanour can often lead you to make assumptions. The general rule is that big aggressive people have [...]

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Fall of the Roman Empire

John Terry’s losing the dressing room, insists Desailly

Terry – done for?

John Terry

The thing about great leaders is that, eventually, they tend to fall.

Many of you will remember Shakespeare’s famous quote from Julius Caesar – “beware the ides of March”. A chilling sentence, made in reference to the day that Caesar took 23 [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Chelsea team of the Millennium

Tall one’s Flo. Little one at the back – Wise.


With the “noughties”, or “noughts”, quickly fading, The Spoiler thought it about time that someone paid tribute to some of the football teams that first trotted out on to the pitch at the dawn of the new Millennium.

Today, [...]

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