A poll!

Who should take over from Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea?



Chelsea head honcho Roman Abramovich acted with all the class and grace that we’ve come to expect from him yesterday by sacking cuddly Carlo about 0.6 seconds after their 1-0 defeat against ten-man Everton.

The trouble with Chelsea, like, is that you never know who made what decision [...]

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Bumper transfer stuff

Van Basten to Chelsea, Solano to Hartlepool and loads of other stuff…

Imagine this but without the dress…


Apparently there is a film coming out with Jennifer Aniston in it – no, wait! She might get naked in it. They haven’t decided whether they’ll keep the scene in yet though, but still, PHWOAR! LAAAAADS!

Here are lots of other things that [...]

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Tax evasion

Marco van Basten owes seven million euros

Dutch manager clobbered by Italian taxman – will be looking for proper job soon

Marco van Basten

Marco van Basten may this morning be regretting having been such a phenomenal player in the late eighties and early nineties. As goalscorer-in-chief for arguably the best ever Milan side, Marco [...]

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Ronaldinho’s bringing a friend with him to Chelsea – Frank Rijkaard!

Roman Abramovich’s addiction to goals leads him to a couple of oddballs


Turns out Avram Grant might not need that coaching badge to sew on his swimming trunks after all – according to the hysterical Spanish paper Sport, Chelsea’s manager next year will be Barcelona boss Frank Rijkaard.

Poppa [...]

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