Sexy Sportswomen

Sexy Wimbledon Ladies: Winners and Losers

Two girls, one cup… well, plate


Wow, what a Wimbledon! Who would ever have imagined that Federer would face Nadal in the men’s final? Or that the Williams sisters might meet in the women’s? That’s right, only every single human being on the planet. Even people who have [...]

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Hello Handsome

Sexy Wimbledon Lady No.2: Maria Sharapova

Is this long swan-like woman the next Wimbledon winner? 

Anyone who has lived in a box or a monastery for the last few years might never have heard of Maria Sharapova, but here she is. She’s already won Wimbledon once – back in the windy summer of 2004, when everything was brilliant and Wayne Rooney [...]

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Wimbledon's a comin'

Sharapova and Ivanovic star in sexy new tennis ad

A preview of the ladies you’ll see grunting on grass next week

In just three days, the world’s media will be devoting their attention to SW19, where the best grass courts in the world will be covered [...]

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Sexy Tennis Players

Top five tennis lovelies

And not a Mauresmo in sight

Wow, isn’t tennis great? There’s Federer, Nadal, some other guys. It’s just brilliant. Plus, every year, Wimbledon introduces the planet to a new Chris Evert, or Anna Kournikova, or Maria Sharapova. But which of the saucy little lovelies will have Des Lynam cleaning sweat from his moustache in between [...]

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