Sex News

Glamour girl Sophie Reade slams Balotelli on Twitter

Sophie Reade – waiting for a bus

Sophie Reade

For those worried that Mario Balotelli might be having trouble settling in to life as a Premier League footballer, grab a tissue and get ready to wipe away proud, emotional tears, with some moving relationship news from today’s Sun.

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Dietary News

Great news, San Carlo Italian restaurant, Balotelli’s staying!

The two things may or may not be linked, but after an important festive update regarding Mario Balotelli’s eating habits in The Sun newspaper, it seems that the grumpy three-goal Italian is set to stay put under Manchester’s romantic charcoal skies after all.

A “source” from the San Carlo Italian eaterie in Manchester – presumably [...]

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Cheeky Chap

Balotelli shows off what he learned at charm school

As spotted by our pals at Pies, Mario Balotelli has been awarded the 2010 Golden Boy award – for players younger than 21 only - for his topsy-turvy performances that cause fans to love him and dispair of him at the same time. Amazingly, he managed to tap into this exact same fluctuating emotional scale on [...]

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Breathe out, City fans, Balotelli isn’t going anywhere… yet

Ignore the mic, Mario


In a time when footballers are programmed to say the right thing, it’s rather refreshing when someone like Balotelli comes along, short circuiting all over the place, almost completely incapable of not saying the wrong thing every time he speaks.

Just today, the gifted Italian [...]

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Don Balon’s list of the 100 best young players in the world

You’ll be hearing a lot about this man in the next 20 or so years


Don Balon is a Spanish football magazine with a good line in fate-tempting articles predicting the next generation of world superstars.

Of course, speculating on the potential of young players is a risky [...]

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