Tweets gone wrong

The curse of Twitter continues to haunt football

Uh oh, MarkBrighty’s in trouble…


With the notable exception of Darius Vassell, anyone who plays/has played professional football should be seriously discouraged from blogging, or tweeting, or Facebooking. Or anything that allows them a platform from which to report their every waking thought/emotion.

Vassell is allowed because the [...]

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Let’s see what your favourite footballers are doing today

You’ll never stop them all, Sir Alex


We’re in the middle of January, and true to form the weather is shit and absolutely nothing is going on. Like us, you may be wondering what young, moneyed professional footballers do in times like these?

De facto leader of the [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 214: Michelle Gayle

Need someone to lift a heavy weight or hold up a wall?

Not only did ex Crystal Palace and Sheffield Wednesday hitman Mark Bright have the honour of scoring the first ever goal at the new Wembley (in a charity match), but he also called Michelle Gayle his wife for ten [...]

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