Transfer Talk

Beckham to West Ham, Cheryl Cole’s feeling better…

Cheryl Tweedy/Cole – on the mend

Cheryl Cole

Everyone relax. Calm down. Stop panicking! Cheryl Cole, as it happens, is going to be just fine. Her bout of Malaria was frightening, but she’s up and about now, and she’s even been SMILING. She wouldn’t have been able to do [...]

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The Big Question

Who should Liverpool’s next manager be?

One of these men, perhaps?

Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish

With Rafa Benitez finally bringing the second most drawn-out job departure of the year to a close – well done to Gordon Brown for the first one (whoah, political comedy!) – a window [...]

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Watch out planet, Craig Bellamy is absolutely livid!

“Craig is getting upset!”

Craig Bellamy

Something about his body language suggests that Craig Bellamy is not to be crossed. You can see it in his eyes. In his taut angry shoulders. In the way he yells furiously whenever anyone dares to look at him.

He’s the kind of man who would frighten [...]

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The Big Question

Were Man City right to get rid of Mark Hughes?

Hughes – “no forewarning” apparently. He should have read this

Mark Hughes

The country will be split down the middle with mourners this morning, some lamenting the loss of the Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy, who died of old age at just 32. Whilst the rest will still be reeling [...]

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The Big Question

Three candidates named to nick Mark Hughes’ job

Hiddink – Manchester-bound?

Guus Hiddink 

Man City have proved pretty hard to beat this season, but a hunch suggests that the men in robes funding the whole thing were mainly after wins, not draws. After the mid-week Spurs humiliation, the whispers on the street are being drowned out by [...]

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News in brief

Hughes wasn’t management material, says Ferguson…

Ahh, the good old days!

Ferguson and Hughes

Mark Hughes must have witnessed a fair few Ferguson mind games during his playing days, and it seems that the kindly Scotsman hasn’t forgotten how to put the wind up his former student. As reported in today’s Telegraph, Ferguson said this:


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