The Big Question

Which striker should Wenger splash out on in the summer?

Balotelli – expecting a call?

Mario Balotelli 

It’s not a great day to be reporting on football, as everyone has been going April Fool’s Day bonkers. There have been hilarious stories about refs on bikes, and some may have spotted the rip-tickling Ann Summers gag (below), so NOW - being that midday is [...]

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News In Brief

Mourinho’s mafia issues, transfer update, and more…


Jose Mourinho

If you’re planning on visiting another country – perhaps to live for a while, or just for a nice holiday – it’s a good idea to do some research. Find out the best places to eat, learn a few local phrases, read up on dress codes. [...]

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News in brief

JT’s still important, says Capello. Becks isn’t, imply AC…

Worrying times for Becksie


In a move known in the trade as “getting all Lee Bowyer about it”, John Terry might actually improve as a football player whilst the growling spotlight of national disapproval shines angrily upon him.

The alternative is to get all Jonathan Woodgate about it, and [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Arsenal and Man United scrap over teen…

Wenger’s latest target – Adam Matthews

Adam Matthews

As things stand, this month’s transfer window is wide open, snow is bellowing in, and yet most of Europe’s managers are lined up outside in the freezing cold, poker-faced, just looking. Not actually doing anything. Just waiting for someone to make [...]

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Transfer Talk

Lukaku scrap, Chamakh scuffle, Benzema skirmish…

The New Drogba – in demand


Of course, all eyes will now be on Man City during the transfer window, with murmurs suggesting that Mancini will be busily scrawling a list of presents on crumpled bits of paper, and delivering them to his team’s robed Santas in the next couple of [...]

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Transfer News

Three strikers who could reinvigorate Arsenal

It MIGHT be you…

Marouane Chamakh 

Arsene Wenger is not a happy bunny. Van Persie is out, probably for the rest of the season. He’s been having a pop at national coaches for buggering up his players during an important segment of the campaign.

So, what would cheer the [...]

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