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The Spoiler’s BEST and WORST January signings

£8million, Graeme! £8million!

Boumsong and Souness

Feeling a little bit fed up because the January transfer window is so far as fun as a child-swap episode of Eastenders? Aww, don’t worry, man, things will hot up. In the meantime, after the jump, you can relive some of January’s [...]

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Transfer Talk

Cheryl Cole update, Spurs fancy Fabiano, and more

More big football news…

Big Football

In a hot showbusiness story that reads more like a weird dream, Amir Kahn went for dinner with Cheryl Cole not so long ago, and she told him that she was faking a relationship to keep the paparazzi at bay. You can catch [...]

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Transfer Talk

Robinho to Barca, Ozil to Real, and everyone fancies Jenas

Who’s this bit of hot property?


News filtering in this morning suggests that Craig Bellamy has done the unthinkable and returned to his Cardiff roots. On a totally genuine note, this is a massive loss to the Premier League, and it could also come back and bite Mr Mancini on [...]

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transfer news

Forget you, Inter! – is Mascherano off to Barcelona?

Masch and Mess – best buds

Mascherano and Messi

If you’re going to change jobs, it’s always handy to have friends in high places working on your behalf. By which we don’t mean God. It’s not that kind of site.

No, not God – Lionel Messi.

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Works of Art

A couple of wonderful Mascherano “Sheepdog” pics

Great stuff from Spoiler reader, German Ortiz!

Mascherano Sheepdog

To quickly explain the reason behind these – Mascherano has a dog-like quality (in a good way!), and his “master” Rafa Benitez looks a little bit like those portly chaps who used to wander around whistling on One Man and [...]

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Transfer Talk

Both Mascherano and Kuyt linked with Inter move


Mascherano and Kuyt

If it’s high drama you’re after, you are probably looking through the wrong window – as is typical at this stage of the summer, much is being promised but nothing is happening.

Big Brother fans will know all about that. Why won’t John James just [...]

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Transfer Talk

Chelsea, Barcelona, and Bayern all go for a Brazilian

Ramires – lots of thinking to do


Of course, now that we’re living in a nanny state, it’s very much frowned upon to blow a nice cloud of cigarette smoke into your child’s face. Crazy right? Still, thanks to facists like David Cameron and his besuited cohorts, Billie Piper might [...]

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