G'wan rafa!

Capello linked with imminent Inter Milan vacancy

Capello – homeward bound?


In a football recreation of the final moments of Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader comes good on his deathbed, it has been suggested that Rafa Benitez, whilst sliding bloodily down his sword at Inter, might yet unwittingly endear himself to English fans by leaving [...]

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Manager watch

Inter Milan want Rafa Benitez to bring his rotations to Italy

If Jose Mourinho doesn’t chomp on their generously baited hook first

Reports from Italy are claiming that Inter have offered World’s Number One Ladies Detective unemployed manager Jose Mourinho a place to hang his expensive raincoat next season, and have placed a piece of paper upon a four-legged item of furniture agreeing to compensate him [...]

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The Special One

Italians say Inter want to make the love with Mourinho

The Gazzetta dello Sport, the big fancy paper of Italian football, reported this morning that Inter Milan’s euro’d-up owner Massimo Moratti recently had a romantic date with Jose Mourinho in London.

» As the top mystery in football at the moment is what happened to change the Special One’s mind regarding taking over the England [...]

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