Questions, questions, questions...

Arsenal legend Lee Dixon answers your questions!


A couple of weeks ago The Spoiler asked for your questions to give to ex-Arsenal player and excellent pundit, Lee Dixon.

We had plenty of responses – [...]

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shooting fish

Alan Shearer gets a waxwork of his face and body done

Easy start to a Wednesday morning


Wow. Can you tell the difference? Of course you can – one is a lifeless, dead-eyed lump employed to stand around staring blankly into the middle distance while doing absolutely nothing of interest, while the other… IS A WAXWORK!


Anyway, here’s [...]

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Clive Tyldesley reckons Match of the Day is doing just fine

Commentator defends recent criticism


First off, Clive Tyldesley has a blog! The Spoiler assumes it’s been kept quiet so as to avoid the Internet being brought to its knees by a tide of abuse. Anyway, in his latest post, Red Clive has lent his support to Match of the [...]

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The Big Question

Hey MOTD2, how about Danny Baker for the job?

He’d be great, no?

Danny Baker

The big television talk today appears to be all about the contenders to plug the Adrian Chiles shaped hole at the BBC, following his rather dramatic two-fingered flounce over to ITV. There are whispers of the little one from Top Gear perching [...]

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Getting to know you

Shearer’s unhappy sounding childhood REVEALED!

Alan Shearer – loves apples, hates cartoons

Alan Shearer

Next time you’re watching Alan Shearer on MOTD, take a moment to close your eyes. Keep them closed. Listen to his voice, hear his deep, lilting, almost expressionless words as he explains that scoring goals is what wins football matches. [...]

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