great goals

Le Tissier and Mozart with a bit of Hendricks equals fun

Speaking of Le Tissier – it’s National Cleavage Day!


You’re bound to have seen loads of Matt Le Tissier’s finest goals – that one against Newcastle is burned on most people’s retinas. So when The Spoiler first came across this clip we were rather sceptical.

However, there are LOADS [...]

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Oh, i say

Literally a list of Footballers with posh-sounding names

We honestly couldn’t tell you…


After reading about Liverpool’s pursuit of Southampton’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the wants-to-be-posh-but-is-distinctly-middle-class Daily Mail, The Spoiler got to thinking – are there any other footballers with proper posh-sounding names? Can anyone beat a player with a double-barrelled surname, [...]

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News in brief

Le Tissier to teach pens, Beattie’s off, and more…

“Kick the ball into the goal”

Le Tissier

In the spirit of true World Cup optimism, Matthew Le Tissier – definitely the most wasted England talent of all time – has offered to coach the final squad on how to correctly take a penalty. Remember, this is a man [...]

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The Spoiler’s “Never Played in a World Cup” England XI

Including this wasted treasure

Matt Le Tissier 

No doubt about it, when the World Cup squad is announced next year, there will be some very tearful young millionaires not getting on a plane to South Africa. With that in mind, below is The Spoiler’s greatest England team never to [...]

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Disappointing List

The top six underwhelming England strikers

The hitmen who didn’t quite cut it at international level

Chris Sutton

In light of in-form Sunderland striker Darren Bent’s omission from Don Fabio’s latest England squad, Spoiler correspondent Alex Perry has compiled a list of English strikers who failed to sparkle on the international stage. Who knows, Darren, if [...]

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The Spoiler’s top ten transfer snubs of all time

Kaka isn’t the only one to stick his nose up…


Manchester City are currently nursing their injured pride after Kaka told them where to shove their money, but Mark Hughes aren’t the only ones to have faced rejection. In fact, according to our compilation of of top ten transfer [...]

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The Underrated

The Spoiler’s Best Mismanaged England XI ever!

These men have ample reason to grumble… 

Mismanaged XI

Well, nice one England, you’ve done it again. You’ve wasted another yet another glorious player, and Steven Gerrard is now doomed to spend his autumn years mumbling in pubs about what might have been, alongside Le Tissier, McManaman, Fowler, and [...]

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