The Big Question

Is Kenny Dalglish really cooler than The Fonz?

Anfield jumps the shark

Dalglish banner 

Kenny Dalglish is many things – football legend, scorer of fine goals, occasionally incomprehensible talker – but the wave of misguided Liverpool optimism has seemingly swelled to preposterous proportions, with one splinter group of fans comparing him to the world’s coolest ever guy.


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Betting Information

Add an extra financial thrill to your Merseyside Derby viewing

Ask any hardened gambler, and they’ll tell you – nothing beats the head-rush of watching your money multiply thanks to a well-predicted sporting outcome. With that in mind, here are a few words from our sisters at Ladbrokes, regarding the biggest of the weekend’s derby matches…

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The Big Question

Come on then, who’s going to win the Merseyside Derby?

If you can avoid it, don’t go to Liverpool this weekend. It’s Derby weekend, which means that in amongst the usual coughing, hacking, throat clearing and sniffing that constitutes a typical conversation with one of the local Jamie Carraghers, there will also a very real air of tension and danger between Liverpool locals from the red corner and those from the [...]

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Mad Men

The Spoiler’s “Crossing the Divide” XI

Heading off to Man United?

Micah Richards 

In a move now commonly known as “The Reverse Carlos Tevez”, it looks like Micah Richards might yet navigate himself across the Manchester divide during the January transfer window. With that in mind, here’s a team of maniacs who risked everything to play for a rival [...]

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The Big Question

Can Everton beat Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby?

Which child will be smiling after 90 minutes?

Everton Liverpool 

Both teams will be going into Sunday’s Merseyside Derby on the back of a pretty shocking run of form. Everton have won just one of the last seven, and are now dangling in that horrible mid/lower table area just above [...]

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