Life is hard for Real Madrid’s two new signings

Language barrier a problem for Sami Khedira and Mesut Özil


Jose Mourinho had a Real Madrid debut he’d probably rather forget on Sunday, after a summer’s worth of ‘The Special One’ buzz culminated in a damp squib of a 0-0 draw, away to Real Mallorca.

Questions were asked, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Robinho to Barca, Ozil to Real, and everyone fancies Jenas

Who’s this bit of hot property?


News filtering in this morning suggests that Craig Bellamy has done the unthinkable and returned to his Cardiff roots. On a totally genuine note, this is a massive loss to the Premier League, and it could also come back and bite Mr Mancini on [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool man linked with Barca, and Robinho update…

Clue: he’s in this picture


Those still reeling for the Crouchie-pays-for-sex debacle that totally ruined Abbey Clancy’s weekend might be interested to know that she’s sought advice from Toni Terry – JT’s rather put upon baby mama/wife.

Crouchie, without wanting to speak too soon, it looks like you got [...]

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Transfer Talk

Crouchie back to Liverpool, United to hijack Milner…

Um, something about “taking the plunge”?

Peter Crouch 

Of course, the big news today is that Paul Robinson and Wes Brown have opted to watch England matches just like the rest of us, wisely choosing a big TV/comfy sofa combo over an uncomfortable pitch side seat in an overcrowded [...]

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Transfer Talk

Arsenal and Man United both fancy the same German…

Ozil – wants out

Mesut Ozil 

When you’re attempting to land a new job, it’s important to talk a big game – but not too big.

Keep it within the realms of actual possibility. You probably can’t type 400 words/minute, the artist formerly know as The Artist Formerly Known [...]

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Transfer Update

Khedira signs for Real Madrid, Ozil keeps schtum

Lucky Khedira meets Chris de Burgh


After a week of pretty much sod all, the silky net curtains that drape down in front of the transfer window have been splattered with sweat and little bits of hair gel, as Sami Khedira has tumbled through and been ushered off to [...]

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