Transfer Talk

Barcelona want Micah Richards… yes, seriously

Micah – dream move?

Micah Richards

There’s been total uproar in showbusiness world, with news that Wagner – the South American Mickey Rourke who sings like a man on a treadmill reading from an autocue – isn’t only surviving the X Factor, but he’s looking like a genuine threat to win [...]

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Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s “Predicted Team of the Season”

How will this look come next year?

Team of the Season? 

Most would agree that only a genius or an idiot would attempt to predict the “Team of the Season” before the first match has even kicked off, so you can draw your own conclusions about that.


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Transfer Talk

Relax, Liverpool fans, Torres is staying put… perhaps

Going nowhere… or is it?

Torres and Benitez

It’s going to be a frantic summer in the Anfield boardroom, with men in suits sipping sharply on tiny little cups of posh coffee, trying desperately to sort this bloody mess out. But a white horse of sorts has arrived [...]

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Gifted Children

The Spoiler’s England “Mostly Teenagers” XI

Including at least three of these dudes


As reported in today’s Mirror, Bolton boss Owen Coyle said this about Jack Wilshere:

“I am biased because I work with Jack on a daily basis, but I would take him with England.”

“He is such a talented young English player, he [...]

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Getting Better

Great news, Team Bridge, Wayne is bouncing back!

Bridge – like this, but less miserable…

Wayne Bridge 

After a gentleman’s heart has been broken by a French woman, the path back to true happiness is a long, arduous one.

Recovery stages tend to begin with weeping. Open, loud, hysterical weeping. Sometimes in public, often in front of startled [...]

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