World Cup Fever

Can you name your England World Cup squad yet?

Try your hand at being Capello…

Fabio Capello

Now that the season is entering its final stages, very soon a giant magnifying glass will turn onto the players who may or may not make the England squad for South Africa.

For some, it’s a race against time – [...]

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News in Brief

Merseyside stadium share, Richards to Spurs, and more

Take a look at the future, Merseyside!

Liverpool Everton 

It’s been a testing week for the majority of Merseyside, with Liverpool fading out of the Champions League with a whimper, and things going rather bosoms upward for the Evertonians in Hull. So, one way or another, the weekend’s derby [...]

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Secret Supporters

Revealed: The clubs that footballers really support

The boyhood teams of some the game’s biggest names

Andrei Arshavin loves him some Barcelona

Generally speaking, Premier League footballers are well advised to be discreet about the team they truly support. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of David Bentley, a [...]

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England XI

The Spoiler’s World Cup qualifying England XI

Why, let us do your job for you, Mr Capello

England XI

It’s been an interesting week or so, watching England amass eight goals, let in two, and yet still not look entirely convincing. Hence The Spoiler has decided to down tools for a couple of minutes and do [...]

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