Hey! Fulham fans! Why not dress like a lunatic?

Nice spot from our wireless friends at talkSPORT


Fulham’s season kicks off tomorrow with a thrilling first round Europa League game against Runavik from the Faro Islands. Yea, we didn’t know either…

Anyway, if that’s not getting the pulses racing, why not take a look at this fabulous [...]

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Really? Really? REALLY?

Michael Jackson statue at Fulham is even worse than we dared hope

Oh, holy sweet mother…


There are some lovely statues around the ground of English football. The one at Old Trafford of Best, Law and Charlton is very nice, while the West Ham one of Moore, Hurst and Peters is bloody lovely.

However, this is horrible. This looks like those [...]

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In The Closet

Team USA release a Michael Jackson tribute kit

A fitting, albeit expensive way to pay tribute to US royalty

The USA Michael Jackson Home Kit

If there was one thing that Michael Jackson was known for during his short and bizarre life, it was an extraordinary passion for the United States national football [...]

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Raul's Snazzy Bedroom

Raul does a Jackson

He’ll be buying a stupid monkey next

Back in the glorious 1980s, rumours abound that a pre-melty-face Michael Jackson slept in an oxygen chamber – with his monkey. No one knows the real truth, and his monkey won’t spill the beans.

But one thing is known – that Raul of Real Madrid sleeps in a [...]

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