Crossing Divides

Michael Owen to join notorious list of football maniacs

Picture this, only Owen in blue

Michael Owen

If you happen to be passing through Merseyside in the coming days, expect to hear an orchestra of throats clearing and a strange noise that sounds like people going ”mar-clowin” over and over again.

Don’t worry, it’s just scouse for “Michael Owen”, and they’re talking about the rumours [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Man City transfer wish list, and a new face for 2011!

Lucky Man City – yesterday it was confirmed that, in Mario Balotelli, they have the second greatest player on the planet. Confirmation came from Balotelli himself. How kind of him to share the good news.

Here’s what else we have been taught about football this morning, thanks to all of the daily papers, from the [...]

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News in brief

Bad news for Hodgson, bad news for Houllier…

Some ragged rocks await Roy Hodgson… apparently

Roy Hodgson 

Presumably choosing football over a front row seat at London Fancy Dress Week at the very last minute, Lampsie and Christine Bleakley took Frank’s dad to the Chelsea match. In a reportage piece on The Daily Mail, you can enjoy [...]

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News in brief

Messi doesn’t do reading, Michael Owen talks tough

Ahh, great times

Owen and Houllier 

As suggested by this year’s Big Brother winner Josie, whenever you’re feeling low, it’s a good idea to think about someone worse off than yourself. The buxom milkmaid thought about a lady who had her face ripped off by a monkey. The Spoiler now thinks of George [...]

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