A poll!

So, who’s gonna get relegated from the Premier League?

QPR are up – is he down?


The top of the Premier League ain’t that exciting. Arsenal will fall away, Chelsea will come back into it and push Man Utd for a bit before dropping out to leave Fergie and his phone to win it with two games to [...]

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Is Robbie Keane going back to his roots at Wolves?

Striker may make cut-price move next month


Wolves are reportedly lining up a deal to bring arm-flapping former trainee Robbie Keane back to Molineux over a decade after he originally left the club.

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Punishment Update

Wolves get fined £25,000 for being naughty


Mick McCarthy

It opened much debate when Mick McCarthy chose to make ten changes to his team – fresh from beating Spurs – to face Man United in December, and today marks the end of that particular debate, because he’s been deemed a very naughty boy, and [...]

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Reserves Update

McCarthy infuriates fans

McCarthy – cynical ploy?

Mick McCarthy

Everyone knows the parable of David and Goliath, it’s a great tale. The little man uses his skills to knock out the big Philistine warrior, and goes on to become the King of Israel. It’s inspiring. But it would have been a totally different [...]

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