The Spoiler’s Summer Awards – Part One

And the award for most unnecessary caps in a headline goes to…

Joey Barton and Cesc Fabregas

Apologies once again for the lack of activity on The Spoiler this summer. To compensate – or punish further, depending on your view – we’ve crammed about seven stories [...]

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If only that bus would hurry up...

Mike Ashley comes up with another way to save some money

Featuring sick retro-Photoshop skillz


No content with flogging Kevin Nolan and all of Newcastle United’s good players, here’s Mike Ashley in this morning’s Metro saving a whopping £1,300 a year after converting one of those Sinclair C5 things to pedal power.

The security he needs employ so he can [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Disappointment of the Season

This guy didn’t even earn a place on the shortlist…

Fernando Torres

One football fan’s disappointment is another’s comedy relief – as demonstrated by the spectacularly swift collapse of Arsenal’s quadruple bid – so for this award The Spoiler has a tough task trying to stick to events [...]

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Transfer Stuff

The Spoiler’s Great January transfer review

Kayla – Happy


The Spoiler had just about got over the excitement of yesterday’s absolutely crazy transfer nonsense when we opened our Sun to read that Kayla Collins likes British men! C’mon! Oompf! Get in!

That news almost tipped Spoiler HQ over the edge as hoards of us LADS [...]

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Quote of the day

Mike Ashley throws a load of money out of the window

As reported in today’s Sun, Ashley’s two hour trip to a local casino was as inspiring as usual. In the words of “a source”:

“It was incredible. He lost a million quid in not much longer than it takes to play a football match but still left with a smile on his face.”   

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Newcastle fans are launching a campaign to buy-out the club

Supporters take matters into their own hands…


The recent furore over St. James Park’s naming rights was clearly the last of many straws – a group of Newcastle United fans have started appeals to banks and local businesses, asking for help in raising enough funds to launch a [...]

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