Toon Turmoil

Freddie Shepherd: Ashley is ruining Newcastle United

Pot. Kettle. Black

The futures bright, the futures yellow

“I suppose nothing surprises me about the current regime, so news they are ready to sell the naming rights isn’t exactly a shock. Whatever next? Why don’t they just go the whole hog and change the [...]

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Is Mike Ashley deliberately sabotaging Newcastle United?

Scorched Earth football style

Thumbs up folks

The last time Newcastle United made permanent a caretaker manager’s stint, Glenn Roeder was the beneficiary, as he managed to wangle an extra year of shuffling nervously along the touchline. He signed Antoine Sibierski and Olivier [...]

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Money Matter$

More bad news for Newcastle

Sports Direct profits fall a whopping 91 per cent

Some fine Sports Direct merchandise

It certainly seems to be raining shit on Newcastle at the moment. Not only do they prepare themselves for the forthcoming Championship season with an uncertain management team, a restless squad and [...]

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Performing Arts News

Newcastle to bring their disastrous season to the stage

Magpies to tread the boards in honour of forgettable year

You Really Couldn’t Make It Up

Football fans aren’t known for their love of theatre, but that could be about to change in the north east.

Two Newcastle season ticket holders are intending to depress [...]

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