The Spoiler’s ‘Top Tekkers’ Premier League XI

A list of the league’s finest purveyors of silk(y skills)


Everyone likes a cheeky flick, an acrobatic finish or a laser-guided pass, none more so than Spoiler reader Daryl Noble, who has gone to the effort of compiling a list of the eleven greatest fleet-footed wizards in the [...]

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Let’s see what your favourite footballers are doing today

You’ll never stop them all, Sir Alex


We’re in the middle of January, and true to form the weather is shit and absolutely nothing is going on. Like us, you may be wondering what young, moneyed professional footballers do in times like these?

De facto leader of the [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 40: Lorena Bernal

Mikel Arteta’s lady could cost Everton the Champions League

Good news for Liverpool fans – if there’s any sense of harmony in the world, Everton will take fifth place at the end of this season. Mikel Arteta’s better half Lorena Bernal, you see, has just finished fifth in Nuts Magazine‘s prestigious [...]

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