WAG of the Day

WAG No. 279: Tereza Franková

Yet more hotness from the Czech Republic

Milan Baroš is lucky enough to be engaged to Tereza Franková, a lady who is not only extremely good looking, but also very thoughtful.

The Czech WAG wanted to give her man a present that he could appreciate for his birthday, [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 126: Edita Hortova

An excellent reason to visit Prague…

Freddie Ljungberg and David Beckham aren’t the only footballers who enjoy partaking in homoerotic photoshoots – former Liverpool, Aston Villa and Portsmouth striker Milan Baros also likes to show off his tidy hariless chest in a professional capacity. Say what you will about the

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Underwhelming transfers

Ten players you don’t want linked to your club

The Spoiler considers the footballing talent you rather see warm someone else’s bench next season

Milan baros

Much like when a hot girl comes for an interview at your place of work, the feeling of knowing a quality player could be joining your club is pretty uplifting. However, unless [...]

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Transfer Talk

Gazza to make glorious return to football management!

Today’s transfer rumours, some more ridiculous than others Gazza

Despite possessing a questionable state of mental health, a low quality tabloid has linked the man who drunkenly gave me a tenner on my tenth birthday (true story) with a managerial job in the Philippines. Frankly, there’s a [...]

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