Breathe out, City fans, Balotelli isn’t going anywhere… yet

Ignore the mic, Mario


In a time when footballers are programmed to say the right thing, it’s rather refreshing when someone like Balotelli comes along, short circuiting all over the place, almost completely incapable of not saying the wrong thing every time he speaks.

Just today, the gifted Italian [...]

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Fighting Talk

Ibrahimovic’s agent wades into Cruyff and Guardiola

Raiola – with Telly Savalas

Mino Raiola

Ibrahimovic – depending on where you stand on the subject, he’s either football’s Audley Harrison, or a millionaire’s Peter Crouch.

Either way, his agent – a maniac called Mino Raiola – has rolled up his sleeves and windmilled into Johan Cruyff and [...]

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Staying in m'lord

Arsenal scholars set to teach Liverpool’s kids a lesson

Can Rafa still blame Steve Heighway

Wilshere and A.N.Other

Amongst the many arrows aimed at the temples of Rafael Benitez Maudes of late, has been the allegation that his ability to bring through young players is limited. Certainly the foriegn teenagers he has brought to Anfield, [...]

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