Plane crazy II

Millwall fans show off classy plane banner as West Ham get relegated



Remember when air travel was the hight of sophistication and glamour? The drinks! The women! The hot towels! Nah, The Spoiler doesn’t either – it’s been cattle class on EasyJet for as long as we’ve been about.

We do however, remember a time when planes weren’t a [...]

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Dedicated Fans

Californian cheerleaders fly 11,000 miles to watch Oldham play Millwall

LA ladies spaff £9,000 to see The Latics get beaten


*Actual cheerleaders involved in this story were not this hot or drunk

After getting chatted up by meeting some Oldham Athletic players while on holiday in the Cayman Islands this summer, Californian cheerleaders Sara Mathew and Amber Allen were [...]

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Media Reaction

The over-reaction to the West Ham/ Millwall game begins…

‘It was like a horror movie’

Charming Millwall fans

Granted, the scenes in East London last night were abhorrent and completely unwelcome in the game, but fans of both clubs who were present at Upton Park tell The Spoiler that they are fairly surprised by the over-the-top reaction [...]

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