New Juventus signing pays €10,000 to make it to his first training session on time

Milos Krasic’s determination impresses his new employers


Being as it’s Friday, footballers all over the planet are currently, or soon to be, preparing to spend the thousands of pounds/euros/dollars they’ve earned this week on getting up to no good.

Not Juventus’ new signing Milos Krasic, however. He’ll be doing [...]

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Transfer Talk

More names on Mancini’s wish list – including a mad Italian!

Man City, here’s your new Bellamy…


It’s proving increasingly difficult to mention the new Man City boss without then picturing that most horrid of fashion inventions, the “mankini” – most famously sported in dazzling green by Borat. Hence, in time, The Spoiler may yet resort to inappropriately using first-name-terms [...]

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