Miroslav Klose full of praise for Italy’s first-class postal service

Life in football mad Rome has its perks for Lazio’s chief goal-getter


The clichéd view of Italy is that of a country yet to discover efficiency, where carrying out a task in the correct manner requires a silly amount of effort whereas it’s likely that if you take a few shortcuts, no harm will befall you.

You would therefore assume that the postal system is a joke, [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Germany

Imagine this, but without Ballack


And so to the wonderful Germans – famed for getting all of the best sun loungers, and making England fans cry in 1990. But who ARE these strange and intriguing people? Read on to find out…

Form Guide

The Germans could [...]

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Who should replace Didier Drogba if he leaves Chelsea?

Wantaway striker wants away yet again

Didier Drogba

For about the thousandth time in his Chelsea career, Didier Drogba has shown a desire to jump ship after being spotted in a restaurant with his agent, an Inter director and Jose Mourinho’s agent. However, for perhaps the first time, the [...]

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