Uphill Battle

Thierry Henry attempts to promote US soccer on the news

“So.. err, when does the season start?… oh, it’s started!”

It’s no secret that soccer finds itself ranked at around 5th or 6th in a US top ten of sports. Above it, you’ve got American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Prom Night Tongue Hockey, [...]

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List of poor people

Have a whip-round! 26 MLS players living in poverty!

That’s the “goal bonus” sticking out… perhaps


Of course, Premier League players take it all for granted. Just look at Joe Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips – both recently reported to be kicking up a fuss because they only get about £80,000/week for occasionally playing a bit of footie.

But, [...]

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The 2009 MLS season in eleven minutes

Since there’s nothing else going on today…

With the MLS season drawing to a close, the league have released their candidates for 2009′s goal of the season. Although it might look like they’ve sort of missed the [...]

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Seeing Red

Video: MLS keeper has a moment of madness

Josh Wick’s boots were made for stomping

Congratulations to Seattle Sounders FC, who last night proved to the world that a competition called the US Open Cup exists by [...]

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Mr Shake Hands Man

David Beckham confronts another MLS fan over Posh Spice abuse

Insult this man’s wife and he WILL shake your hand

David Beckham

David Beckham Utd visited the Kansas City Wizards on Saturday, and despite clicking his heels three times, the England star could not escape more abuse from American soccerball fans.

While waiting to take a throw-in during [...]

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