Jack Warner returns FA gift after ‘facing indignities’

Let’s hope they kept the receipt…


Weeks after The FA was embroiled in a row over appearing to buy off the FIFA‘s executive committee (or at least their wives) with designer handbags, in the hope of securing some votes for England’s World Cup 2018 bid, FIFA vice-prez Jack Warner [...]

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Rio Ferdinand is not a reliable resturant critic

Utd mogul and part-time defender turns shameless self-promoter


He might be starting to wane at his day job, but Rio Ferdinand is still a true Renaissance Man. Having just attended the film premiere of Dead Man Running, on which he was executive producer alongside Ashley Cole, he’s also three [...]

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Money Matter$

How the Champions League is distancing the Big Four from the Premiership

Figures reveal the Premier League’s elite are getting even richer

Champions League Final 2009

When Premier League chairmen meet this week for their annual summer gossip party, the most likely topic of conversation will be the continuing dominance of the Big Four, perpetuated by the ever-increasing amount [...]

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Money Matter$

Big Four clubs asked to redistribute earnings to the rest of the Premier League

New Government proposal ain’t never gonna happen

The last time The Spoiler checked, we lived in a capitalist society, whereby privately-owned wealth is generated by participating in a free market. However, this apparently isn’t the case any more, as our comrades in the Government are suggesting the biggest clubs in English football share their wealth [...]

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