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Rate Adrian Chiles on last night’s ITV anchorman run out

Adrian, with Lampsie’s little princess

Adrian Chiles 

Normally so demi-bearded as he casually shoots the breeze with Lee Dixon on a comfortable MOT2 sofa, last night found Adrian Chiles in rather more formal ITV surroundings, as he anchored the England/Mexico coverage - suited and booted, nervously spooning words into Gareth Southgate’s considerably more middle-of-the-road mouth.

The [...]

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The Big Question

Hey MOTD2, how about Danny Baker for the job?

He’d be great, no?

Danny Baker

The big television talk today appears to be all about the contenders to plug the Adrian Chiles shaped hole at the BBC, following his rather dramatic two-fingered flounce over to ITV. There are whispers of the little one from Top Gear perching [...]

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An Outrage!

Adrian Chiles makes a MASSIVE prediction cock up!

Chiles – what was he thinking?

Adrian Chiles 

A rather important member of The Spoiler team used to work for the BBC, at one stage enduring the crippling job of answering the various email complaints sent in from old women who just wanted a hug, but could only express [...]

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stocking filler

2 Good 2 Bad – The World Cup

Featuring just one of these men

Chiles and Skinner

Fans of MOTD2‘s weekly 2 Good 2 Bad round-up have permission to go totally berserk, because you can now buy a movie length edition of the feature on DVD, focussing on the rather more zany and outlandish side of World [...]

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