Hetero Love

Jose Mourinho’s bromance with Leonardo in quotes

“I love you man”

Top Gun

Ode to mile high love between two men (Top Gun) aside, the idea that guys can care deeply for one another without having to be physically gay about it is a relatively new phenomenon in Hollywood.

But now thanks to revolutionary movies like I Love You [...]

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Smooth Criminals

Real Madrid Two get sent off ON PURPOSE!

“Ramos needs to get sent off, pass it on…”

Ramos sending off

(Image via Marca)

With Real Madrid already through to the knockout stages, it seems that Alonso and Ramos thought it wise to avoid missing any of the more trying matches by accidentally-on-purpose taking ages over [...]

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Transfer Talk

Carvalho’s off to Real Madrid, plus Arsenal man to Spurs

Bezzie mates

Mourinho and Carvalho 

The only noise of note coming from Manchester today is the soft Welsh lilt of Craig Bellamy’s voice as he discusses his future with himself in the mirror – presumably in the manner of Ben Kingsley’s Don Logan in Sexy Beast.

“You gonna quit, [...]

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The Big Question

Who would do better out of a Kaka for Ibrahimovic deal?

Sophie’s choice…

Kaka and Ibrahimovic 

Chelsea might be rather put out to hear that their ex-golden child, Jose Mourinho, has been rubbing his hands together at the prospect of offering Chelsea-target Kaka to Barcelona in return for Ibrahimovic.

An interesting bit of business. A Brazilian on the slide [...]

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Transfer Talk

Milner to Man City, Ashley Cole and Mourinho to Real

To be reunited?

Cole and Mourinho

Fans of the showbusiness sections will be reeling today over pictures of Nicklas Bendtner and his elderly girlfriend, Baroness Caroline something-or-other – according to reports, he’s 22, and she’s 35. 35! OMFG! WTF! That’s a thirteen year age gap! Cringe!


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