Weekend Update

Real’s new managerial shortlist, Cesc to Man City…

Plus, these guys look to be sodding off

Hicks and Gillett

And so the sun decided to come out for the weekend, giving rise to a wholly unnecessary carnival atmosphere. Even the most microscopic areas of roadside grass were awash with men and women gently folding salami [...]

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Staying in m'Lord

Jose Mourinho back on the television tonight

For those not invited to celebrate the birthday of Robert Pires 

Na na na na na

The U17 World Cup continues at 3pm on Eurosport 2, as Italy’s nippers attempt to take revenge for 2002 and all that, by beating some South Korean children.

Three [...]

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Terrace wit

Italian Banner of the Season…

…is ‘Thank Goodness we are drunk’ apparently

Thank Goodness we are drunk

The tifosi (oooh, get us) banner has long been a mainstay of Italian football culture, along with flairs and female presenters who aren’t necessarily on television due [...]

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Hands Across the Water

Jose has a go at Rafa & Arsene

Is the Special One honing his act to replace Fergie?

Lets be friends

Inter Milan will almost certainly win Serie A this season. Their two biggest rivals, Milan and Juve, are both managed by men who before August, had taken charge of a [...]

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VOTE: Scolari vs Mourinho

Mourinho, Scolari

Jose and Luiz

No doubt about it, all of a sudden Chelsea are a joy to behold. Last season, we watched through bleeding eyes as they so nearly ground their way to boring successes, but this season, they look like worthy and spectacular contenders.

Begging [...]

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